PT Pokka Dima International Factory Opening

The inauguration of the new Pokka production plant at Jalan Cagak, Subang, West Java, on Wednesday 22 March 2017, proves that PT Pokka Dima International is confident and optimistic about developing and competing in the world of RTD in Indonesia.

Pokka has started expanding its business into Indonesia since 2004, selling the famous No.1 RTD Green Tea in Singapore, Pokka Green Tea, and many other variants, such as juice, coffee and milk.

Mr. Irman feat Angklung Performer Team, sing a song

Exciting Entertainment from Kong Ha Hong Barongsai

Mr. Irman received the fruit bouquet gift from the Lion in the procession of Cao Cai Cing Pao

Factory tour led by Mr. Obayashi

VIP Lunch

Speech by Mr. Irman (President Directur of PT Pokka Dima International)

Speech by Mr. Tachiyama (Group Operating Officer of Sapporo Holding & Group Chief Executive Officer of Pokka Corporation ( Singapore))

The opening of the curtain cover of Pokka Logo by Mr. Irman, Mr. Vincent, Pak Tachiyama, and Mr. Alain Ong

Photo Session – All PT Pokka Dima International team

Photo Session – PT Pokka Dima International Director, Pokka Corporation, & Pokka International

Photo Session – PT Pokka Dima International Director

Playing Angklung together

Pray together for the smooth and successful business of PT Pokka Dima International by directors and family, led by Mr. Jimmy

Toast with The first production product of PT Pokka Dima International factory

Pressing the operation button of one of the production machines by Mr. Irman, accompanied by Mr. Tachiyama

Ribbon cutting by directors and family as a sign of the inauguration of PT Pokka Dima International Factory